Usage Policy

    Designated Users
    1. Students of the University of Mannheim may use the BWL.POOL.
    2. Establishments of the Faculty of Business Administration may use the PC Pool rooms 3.58 and 2.57 for courses.
    3. When spare capacity is available, other facilities of the university may also book the above named PC Pool rooms for events.

    Authorization for Use
      The usage authorization policy and user ID for central systems of the data center of the University of Mannheim apply.

    Authorization for Use
    1. Food and drinks are not allowed at the workspaces. As in the library, mobile phones must be set to silent or to vibrate in order to respect other users and calls must be taken outside of the PC Pool rooms.
    2. To connect a notebook only the power plugs attached to the table legs or computer tables may be used; similarly, only the university WLAN and for LAN/Ethernet only the ports officially designated as "NetPoint" may be used. The opening of the bottom flaps or the connection to LAN ports other than the above mentioned designated ones are not allowed.
    3. The local disks of personal computers are used only for temporary storage. This data is periodically deleted. Backups of this data to other storage media must be performed autonomously and is not responsibility of the PC Pool or its staff.
    4. For printing and binding, costs according to the poster in the PC pool rooms will be charged.
    5. Headphones and manuals for software - when available - can be borrowed from the supervisor while working in the BWL.POOL against deposit of your student card (ecUM).
    6. The information displayed when logging on to the screen as well as other notices in the pool areas must be observed.
    7. In the course of bachelor, master and diploma theses and in the context of courses access to the BWL.POOL may be granted outside of the regular opening times. The specific terms of use for the BWL.POOL access using ecUM are included on the relevant application form.

    Mannheim, Feb 7th 2012      Prof. Dr. Martin Schader